Post #24 – How you like them Apples? – 53.5% in savings

Grocery – $75.50 bill, $83.06 in savings

Pharmacy – $5.90 bill, $6.00 in savings, 50 Optimum Points

I was hoping to hit a bunch of the stores, including Food Basics, but S decided to stay home sick on Friday and ruined those plans…

I ended up going to Loblaws, 2 kids in tow, haven’t seen my wife in a week. To say I was suffering from trying to figure out how to manage my 2 kids is a bit of a stretch, but I was having troubles. I wasn’t a full efficiency thinking about sales, but I still did AMAZING!

I keep saying again and again in my posts that I don’t check the clearance produce. I think I need to stop saying that. It is on my route, and it will catch my eye if there is something there….like there was this week. Bless the souls of the Grocery Managers that try to run the most efficient ship possible, by clearing shelves for new stuff, while the old stuff is still good. This week I got about 13lbs of apples for $5.94! Boom – Savings! The apples were in perfect shape. What am I going to do with all these apples? First thing is give some away, 2nd is eat a sh*tload of apples. Finally, if I have to, I will make some of my homemade apple sauce that M likes so much…It is a lot of apples to have in the house, even the babysitter noticed.

I managed to get a beautiful Halal roast for 50% off and a bunch of Chicken Cordon Bleu for 50% and 75% off! 

One thing I hate (everyone hates?) is when stock runs out. I needed eggs, and they were out of normal priced eggs (I don’t know that makes some eggs cost twice as much, but something does). I decided to skip buying eggs, because, well, I don’t need them at twice the usual price. It was even more fun that I had S in tow saying “Daddy – don’t we need eggs?”… I told her “no, I was mistaken”…and cried a little to myself.

Luckily(?, “awesomely”?) I had to stop at a strip mall with a pharmacy. I knew that this pharmacy sold milk, so I figured I would see if they sold eggs too. Did they? YES! Of course, once in the pharmacy, you have to check out the stuff on sale. Like a 2-litre chocolate milk for $0.99! For the same price as the eggs at Loblaws I got a dozen eggs, 6 cans of tomato soup and 2 litres of chocolate milk! I was feeling like a king (of savings)! 

While I’m on the topic of pharmacy savings, I always see condoms on clearance….there is something about that which gives me the heebee-geebees….I don’t know what, but it just seems wrong….

I’ve skipped a whole bunch of grocery posts, but have included the total sales AND SAVINGS in the year-to-date stuff below…Stories lost forever, like that shopping I got to do before Greg King’s birthday…but that is a story for over beers I guess!

Non-prescription pharmacy spending 2015: $366.75

Pharmacy savings 2015: $576.21
Optimum Points: 13720

Total Spending: $75.50
50% Off: $9.41
Sales: $2.01
Repriced items: $71.64
PC Points: $2.20

Year to Date:
Total Spending: $1969.13
50% Off: $326.74
Sales: $468.75
Repriced items: $649.31
PC Points: $71.70


Post #24 – Deals Catching My Eye – March 19th to March 26th

I know everyone is probably concerned that myself and the family (more the family) have been starving to death since it seems like I haven’t bought groceries in a while. Truth is, T is on vacation in the Caribbean and I just haven’t been able to find the time to write!

They always say you shouldn’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach…I think the opposite might be true for reading the flyers…I had a great lunch (steak salad, for those that want to know) and I just wasn’t feeling it going through the flyers, nothing was impressing me UNTIL I GOT TO FOOD BASICS! Hot darn their stuff is inexpensive!

Everyone has ham on sale this week; I guess it is a ramp up to Easter? That being said, Giant Tiger dominates everyone in the discount, only $5.97 for an 800g ham!

If you have kids, or have kids you need to buy gifts for in the spring, Loblaws is having a sale on outdoorsy spring type stuff (see at the bottom).

Shoppers – Extra redeem weekend. Shoppers is giving $100 for 50,000 points and $200 for 95,000 points this weekend.

Lysol spray bottles – 2 for $5, Rexall

Seedless Oranges – $0.87, Walmart
Raspberries – $1.88, Food Basics

Pork Loin Roast –$1.88/lb, Food Basics

8 pack Activia yogurt – $2.99 Loblaws

Asparagus – $1.88, Food Basics
Tomatoes – $0.99, Loblaws
Celery – $1, Giant Tiger

Other interesting stuff:
Black berries – $1.88, Food Basics
Apples – $0.88/lb, Food Basics, Walmart
Green grapes – $1.88/lb, Food Basics
Broccoli – $0.98, Food Basics
Red peppers – $1.48/lb, Food Basics
Red grapes – $1.77/lb, Walmart
Cucumbers – $0.88, Metro
Baby carrots – $1, Giant Tiger

Maple Leaf Smoked Ham – $5.97 for 800g, Giant Tiger

400ml Nestle ice cream – $0.98, Food Basics
Bubbles, Chalk, Playballs, Hula Hoops – 40% off (weekend only), Loblaws
Meat Lasagna (1.5kg) – $5, Giant Tiger

Disclaimery thingy: “What you are reading here is what I typed from what I saw…there could have been errors at any of those 3 verbs. Don’t hold me accountable for what I have typed here. Before you go and buy something, check the price yourself.”

Post #23 – Grocery and Pharmacy All in One! – 46.1% in savings

Grocery – $34.27 bill, $23.80 in savings
Pharmacy – $44.44 bill, 43.60 in savings, 740 Optimum Points

My Carpooler was lamenting the fact she had to go grocery shopping…This was a dream come true for me! M had Sparks, so I had some time to kill close to a Shopper’s Drugmart and a Metro! I offered to go grocery shopping for her, so long as she was near her phone so I could text back and forth about deals I was finding.

I thought this would be an amazing way for me to get to do some grocery shopping on someone else’s dime! It didn’t quite work out that way, but close! I did manage to get her some amazing deals. Whenever you are going grocery shopping and there is a pharmacy close, check there first…the deals can be unreal!

The first thing on her list was $1 off, from $4. BOOM! SAVINGS! I knew this was going to be a good outing, and would save her a bunch of cash…but then curiosity got the best of me, and I started looking around…Soon I was shopping for myself too! At the pharmacy I ended up only buying her one thing and 12 things for myself! Oops!

The grocery store was a bit better. I stuck mostly to her list (but still managed to find some amazing deals for myself). It was fun texting back and forth. I upsold her on milk. She wanted one litre, it was $3.29, but for just $0.70 cents more she could get two litres of the fancy filtered milk with a buy before date much later than the one litre of milk! Next I convinced her to buy ground pork, rather than ground beef since it was a fraction of the price, and convinced her to get 1kg instead of a half kg because the price dropped from $2.99/lb for the small pack to $1.99 for the family pack! BOOM! SAVINGS!

I only charged her rounding up to the nearest $5! I think she ended up paying me about $2.30 for delivered groceries!

Also, typing out the deals last Thursday has made me an Idiot Savant of groceries. People would tell me where they were going shopping and I could tell them what to look for. Studying and then typing out the deals made me remember them all!

Non-prescription pharmacy spending 2015: $331.25

Pharmacy savings 2015: $554.21
Optimum Points: 13490

Total Spending: $34.27

50% Off: $0.00
Sales: $6.43
Repriced items: $15.00
PC Points: $0.00
Year to Date:
Total Spending: $1679.06
50% Off: $293.49
Sales: $396.78
Repriced items: $532.37
PC Points: $64.70

Post #22 – Deals Catching My Eye – March 5th to March 11/12

I think I might start posting the deals I am seeing in the flyers to help people out with their shopping, or price matching. If this gets a lot of traffic, I will continue, if people aren’t interested, well, I’ll keep the deals to myself…

Will I catch every deal? Obviously not. I’m looking for things that interest me, or that I think might interest my friends. Some of these may not even be deals, but they look like it to me.

Feel free to send me any deals you like and I will post them!


Rexall – $15 in gift coupons when you buy $50 (only this weekend) (buy 30 cans of soup and 33 cans of tuna for $50.37 and get $15 in gift cards!)

Shoppers – 18,500 Optimum points when you spend $75 (this weekend only)


Paper towels and toilet paper from Loblaws $4.49


1lb Strawberries – FreshCo. $1.67

3lbs of Apples – Giant Tiger $1.99

Pineapples – Walmart $1.97 

Mangos – Walmart $0.77 


Pork Loin Roast – Fresh Co. $1.97/lb 

375g Bacon – Giant Tiger $2.50  


Vine Tomatoes – Metro $1/lb

Roma Tomatoes – Food Basics $0.99/lb

Red Peppers – Food Basics $1.47/lb


500g No Name brand cheese -Shoppers  $4.99 

Other interesting stuff:


1lbs baby carrots – $1 – Walmart

8oz white mushrooms – $1 Walmart

3 pack of Romaine Lettuce – $2.47 – Walmart

Bosc Pears – $0.99/lb – Food Basics

170g Blueberries – $2.50 – Loblaws


1 litre Chocolate milk – $0.99 – Giant Tiger

4 pack of yogurt – $1 – Giant Tiger

400g Philadelphia Cream Cheese – $2.77 – Food Basics

1 litre Chocolate Milk – $0.99 – Shoppers


Chicken Breast, Bone-in – $2.47/lb – Food Basics


Hellmann Mayo – 890 ml – $2.88 – Giant Tiger

12 pack Kraft Dinner – $5.97 – Fresh Co.

Various General Mills Cereals – $2.99 – Fresh Co.

Gatorade 6 pack – $2.99 – Fresh Co.

Tide 32 loads – $5.99 – Food Basics

Huggies and Pampers – $31.99 – Loblaws

Can Tuna – $0.99 – Rexall

Campbells Soup – $0.59 – Rexall (weekend only)

Campbells Soup – $0.59 – Shoppers

I guess I should put a disclaimer down here that says “What you are reading here is what I typed from what I saw…there could have been errors at any of those 3 verbs. Don’t hold me accountable for what I have typed here. Before you go and buy something, check the price yourself.”

Post #21 – OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! – 58.1% in Savings

$87.62 bill, $118.91 in savings, $1.10 PC points

$87.62 for all of this! (click to enlarge)


When your grocery savings are approaching the kind of savings you can get at a pharmacy, it is a good day. This week the family will be eating like kings…Fresh fruit in early March, Frenched lamb roast and ground bison were all purchased this trip!

Free Milk February carries on into Free Milk March. I am still over accumulating Cheerios because I get free milk every time I buy a box (anyone need Honey Nut Cheerios?). The only milk I pay for these days is milk that is 50% off (don’t judge) and $1/litre chocolate milk(don’t judge). Today almost got me the Sale of the Year, even beating the mouthwash for -$1. The cashier was new to this coupon where you buy a box of cereal and get a free 2 litres of milk, so what she did was rang through the cereal ($6.99) and then discounted the milk ($3.99) without charging me for the milk. So, if I hadn’t spoken up, I would have gotten 6 litres of milk and 3 family sized boxes of Cheerios for $9! She told me I was an honest man and that most people would have let her make the mistake. I was already feeling guilty for basically walking out with the whole store for next to nothing. There wasn’t a single thing I didn’t get on sale, and only two items I paid more than 50% for.

Today was amazing, I got the following things 50% off:

Fudgee-Os (for my students)x3, Dark Chocolate Milkx2, Skim Milk, Hummus, Discounted Raspberries, Greek salad, Asian saladx3, precut strawberries and pineapplex2, and popcorn chicken (for the kids)x2

But even better was the high end stuff (in the winter fresh berries counts as “high end”):

Blueberries: 64.2% off. They are crazy on sale this week. I thought the deal was for little containers of blueberries, it is for the big ones!

Provencale Lamb: 70.6% off.

Ground Bison: 72.8% off.

Raspberries: 80.7% off. They must have ordered too many, because they put them wicked on sale, and then put 50% stickers all over them! I am eating raspberries as I type!

Total Spending: $87.62

50% Off: $39.02
Sales: $47.83
Repriced items: $32.06
PC Points: $1.10
Year to Date:
Total Spending: $1644.79
50% Off: $293.49
Sales: $390.35
Repriced items: $517.37
PC Points: $64.70

Post #20 – $15 for Cotton Candy or ALL OF THIS!!!!! – 51.6% in Savings

$13.55 bill, $13.41 in savings, $0.50 PC points

Today we took M and S to see Disney on Ice…It was a pretty good show and 2 hours long, which was impressive. It was S’s first time to the show and M’s more than first. Because of this, T thought that she shouldn’t say no if S wanted a treat. I’m sorry…I had to say no.

S wanted some cotton candy. Cotton candy was $15. Yes, you read that right, $15. Now it did come with a crappy hat that would have been forgotten tomorrow. Lets explain why Disney cotton candy is $15:

#1: They can get away with it. Let’s face it – Disney on Ice is a treat. Why not spoil the kids?

#2: They schedule it over lunch, when kids are in melt down heaven if they are excited about the show, aren’t properly fed and want something really expensive.

#3: Disney fired their last CEO after 1 year. His severance package? $130,000,000. Someone has to pay for it.

Anyways, we managed to find the normal concession and got robbed paying $5 for nibs instead.

What does this have to do with grocery shopping? Luckily for me, the guy we were car pooling with to the show (who doesn’t want to pay $14 for parking all by their selves?) had to stop for groceries. Why is this lucky for me? Because we got to go grocery shopping!

So, for less than the price of cotton candy, I got all of this:


Some potato thins, some Ritz crackers, some cookies (for my Statcan students!), Teriyaki chicken and 2.5 lbs of pork chops.

Take that Disney.

Total Spending: $13.55

50% Off: $3.50
Sales: $0.00
Repriced items: $9.91
PC Points: $0.50
Year to Date:
Total Spending: $1557.17
50% Off: $254.47
Sales: $342.52
Repriced items: $485.31
PC Points: $64.70