Post #30 Mama Fish goes to College Square! – 58.3% in Savings!

Grocery – $11.70 bill, $15.54 in savings

I was at OCUA’s AGM tonight, so I had to be out by College Square…If you read my blog, you know if I am bye the College Square Loblaws I need to stop and see what is on sale…Especially knowing that the Passover Sales are probably still on!

Tonight I dragged Mama Fish with me, and she got to see me in action, I don’t think I disappointed! We got gum for less that half price ($0.50 instead of $1.19) and $1.99 packs of matzo for $0.44! BOOM! SAVINGS!

I also showed her that produce on clearance isn’t necessarily bad…She scored some zucchini that was in perfect shape!

Little known fact, kosher marshmallows have kosher fish gelatin in them!

Total Spending: $11.70
50% Off: $6.32
Sales: $0
Repriced items: $8.62
PC Points: $0.60

Year to Date:
Total Spending: $2611.84
50% Off: $448.72
Sales: $594.43
Repriced items: $797.14
PC Points: $75.10


Post #29 – Passover is Over? Time to Eat Kosher! – 41.8% in Savings

Grocery – $299.88 bill, $219.35 in savings

Pharmacy – $10.95 bill, $13.50 in savings, 90 Optimum Points

I admit it, I have a problem. I love grocery shopping. Every time I have an Ultimate game at Ben Franklin Park I can’t help but stop at the College Square Loblaws…Sometimes traveling to a different grocery store is like traveling to another culture. The staples are all the same, but there are subtle differences…what they put on clearance, what they might specialize in etc…College Square is my source for elk, boar and bison…which always seems to be on sale.
This past week all the Passover foods were on sale, BIG TIME on sale! It was amazing…I walked up to the section and tuna was on sale from $1.99 to $0.94. It was a brand I hadn’t heard of, I figured no big deal, then I looked up, saw everything around me was kosher and figured out it was cans of kosher tuna that were on sale! The sales were incredible! Kosher jam $0.94 down from $4.99! Boom! Savings! I bought 2 of them.


Shopping in the kosher section was a lot of fun. I had to look at the pictures on the boxes to figure out what I might be buying because some of the names were things I had never heard of, is going to make for fun eating when I figure out what everything is!

This Saturday I went to four different stores to do my shopping: Metro, Food Basics, Giant Tiger and Loblaws. All in all it took 2 hours, which is more than my normal 1 hour. Unfortunately (fortunately?) I was rewarded at every stop! I knew what I was going for at each store, but then I found clearance stuff I wanted at each place…More impressively, what I was going in for at most stores was the stuff that was on clearance! I went to Metro for chicken, only to have it marked down an extra 40%. I went to Loblaws because they had ground beef on sale for $4.44/lb, only to find veal on clearance for $3.50/lb! Boom! Savings!

I also continued my string of ‘victories’ against the price of milk. I bought 4 litres for $1.98 and bought another litre for $0.98! 5 litres of milk for $3! The interesting part is that the “buy before” dates were sometimes 2 weeks into the future…Life is good when the discount milk is nowhere near expiring!

Non-prescription pharmacy spending 2015: $572.78
Pharmacy savings 2015: $886.50
Optimum Points: 15630

Total Spending: $299.88
50% Off: $70.03
Sales: $58.02
Repriced items: $81.90
PC Points: $1.40

Year to Date:
Total Spending: $2600.14
50% Off: $442.40
Sales: $594.43
Repriced items: $788.52
PC Points: $74.50

Post #28 – EASTER CHOCOLATE!!!! (and tampons) – 58.5% in savings

Pharmacy – $133.39 bill, $187.90 in savings, 1430 Optimum Points

Having to stop to buy milk ended up costing me over $130 today. I said in an earlier post that it is nice to go to the pharmacy to buy milk because it is always inexpensive and it is hard for me to get carried away…Oops tonight!

One thing I have to do is stop buying milk at the pharmacy because it is ruining my discount percentage. Milk is always cheapest at the pharmacy, but it is rarely discounted. So when I am getting 80% off on other things, I get 0% off on the milk and it ruins the total.

Today, the Easter candy dropped to a respectable price. The $11.99 bags of Lindt chocolate became $2. The $3.49 bags of mini Easter cream eggs became $1 and the individual eggs that were listed as $1.49 became $0.25…so I paid $17.75 for $96.26 worth of chocolate! That is 81.6% off! BOOM – SAVINGS! 


The first time I stopped today (yes, I said first) I paid $70 for $180 worth of stuff, which reminded me I had a buy $60 get $20 off coupon that Shoppers Drug Mart had e-mailed (if you get their e-mail they send you wicked coupons!), so I had to go back. I went to a different store since I had cleaned the first place out of everything good (did I mention I saved $38.39 on tampons?)

At the 2nd store, where I had brought the coupon there was nothing on clearance, but there were some good deals…they had $6 off a $13 box of chicken nuggets and $11 off of $41 worth of razors…So I manged to get the $20 discount…but the kids now have a lifetime supply of chicken nuggets and I have more than a lifetime supply of razors…

Back to the tampons, if you have been with your spouse as long as I have, you should know what kind she likes uses. I can still remember the first time she made me go buy her some. I know it was a control thing, “you are my boyfriend and you should have to suffer through this too”, but after a while it just becomes common place to buy them. I love my two kids, but I’m also thankful that T needs them. If T had never needed them during our relationship (so, in most cases being pregnant the whole time) we’d have about 30 kids by now!

Non-prescription pharmacy spending 2015: $561.83

Pharmacy savings 2015: $873.00 (60.8% on the year!)

Optimum Points: 15540

Post #27 – Charity Edition! – 74.2% in savings!

Pharmacy – $18.12 bill, $52.10 in savings, 150 Optimum Points

The difference between cheap and frugal is that frugal jumps on a good deal when they see it, whereas cheap is hellbent on not spending money…

Today I stopped at the pharmacy to look for discounted Easter chocolate. It is so expensive to start that 50% just isn’t really worth it. That being said, I did find some peanut butter eggs for my sister, only 50% off, I did charge a minor tax for walking it across the street… 🙂

Beside the chocolate (at my local pharmacy) is the super discounted items. I was there with G (not the famous G that lives in Toronto) and she volunteers at a food cupboard every week. This week the pharmacy was getting rid of razors, deodorant, and soap. I know this is stuff they need so I figured I would double check the normal prices before picking up the discounted stuff to donate. It was crazy discounted. The brand of razor they had was usually $8.49 for 4 razors was being sold for $1.50 for 6! BOOM! SAVINGS! 

I bought all of them (there were only 4 packs) and then bought a bunch of Irish Spring soap which was being sold at 75% off!


The only thing I ended up buying for myself was some deodorant $1.50 instead of $4.99!…well worth the trip!

Non-prescription pharmacy spending 2015: $428.44

Pharmacy savings 2015: $685.10

Optimum Points: 14160

Post #26 – Happy Easter (chocolate shopping next week)!!! – 22.9% in Savings

Grocery – $152.49 bill, $42.80 in savings

Pharmacy – $18.54 bill, $7.96 in savings, 170 Optimum Points

It is funny that 22.9% in savings feels like a fail. We are having the in-laws over for Easter dinner tomorrow and the request came in for lamb. Luckily Metro had it on sale (and was dumping it for an additional 30% off! BOOM! -SAVINGS!). I bought all the lamb they had and still had to buy more (at more than double the price) at Loblaws. T also wanted pie and ice cream. Pie was on sale at Metro and ice cream was on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart!

Shoppers was selling ice cream 2 for $5, marked down from $5.99 each. So I saved $6.98! When I was leaving the store I overheard a girl talking to her friends. “They put those prices under the sales ones, but they are never that good, you have to be careful.” I thought to myself “maybe she is right, I will check the ice cream at Loblaws”…Hoping that she wasn’t right, but figuring she might be. The very same ice cream at Loblaws was $6.49 each! BOOM! – SAVINGS! 

There isn’t much exciting to write about, other than the fact I hope to see most of you when I got out chocolate shopping next week, or maybe visiting in my office when the chocolates are brought to work!

Happy Easter (or Passover, or whatever you celebrate) Everyone!

Non-prescription pharmacy spending 2015: $410.32

Pharmacy savings 2015: $633.00
Optimum Points: 13960

Total Spending: $152.49
50% Off: $17.96
Sales: $18.96
Repriced items: $5.88
PC Points: $0.60

Year to Date:
Total Spending: $2300.26
50% Off: $372.37
Sales: $536.41
Repriced items: $706.62
PC Points: $73.10

Post #25 – Aladdin and the 40 Thieves – 47.3% in Savings

Grocery – $178.64 bill, $127.60 in savings

Pharmacy – $25.03 bill, $48.83 in savings, 50 Optimum Points

Okay, I know. I’m mixing up two stories, it is half click bate for fable purists and half relevant to my last shopping trip…I should really have called it Aladdin and the 40 shopping carts…

Again, I’m mixing pharmacy (2 trips) and groceries (1 trip) in this blog post…

So, the other day I went to Loblaws, I walk in and there were 40 shopping carts full of 50% off stuff! … This is why it felt kind of like Aladdin…I was seeing all these treasures before me, but knew I shouldn’t pick them…and I almost made it. I ended up buying a game for S’s bday which is at the end of the month. Still, 1 thing out of 40 shopping carts is pretty good for me!

Before I continue I want to talk about the pharmacy shopping. One day I needed milk, and only milk. I like to go to the pharmacy for this for many reasons: they often have milk on sale, it is fun to check out their sales, and I am less tempted to buy repriced meat – since they don’t sell it.

This time I was not disappointed. On top of the 4 litres of milk I got at normal price, I got 2 litres for $0.99! I was there on March 31st, the same day my 15 month calendar at work expired. They had a bin full of calendars marked down to $0.50 at the cash, while I was fumbling through them the cashier told me they were actually marked down to $0.10. I bought a calendar that was marked $9.95 for $0.10!  A 99% savings for something that was only 25% used! (in fact I think it might be a 15 month calendar, so I get a full year out of it!) BOOM – SAVINGS!

Back to the grocery store story. Aside from the 40 carts of 50% off stuff it was a pretty ordinary shopping trip for me (you know, TOTALLY KILLING IT!) I got two amazing roasts 50% off (I know, I used to get all my meat 75% off, but Loblaws is getting stingy). One of the roasts was originally $62 that I got $31 off from the discount and another $12 off because it was on sale. I could have bought 430 calendars with the savings from that roast alone!

I was also happy to see the return of $11/kg fancy cheese. It had been a while and I was hoping my local Loblaws was going to get back to that practice.

Also for the curious, the calendar was a Candy Crush calendar…I wanted the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit one, but I didn’t think it would go over well at work…

Non-prescription pharmacy spending 2015: $391.78

Pharmacy savings 2015: $625.04
Optimum Points: 13770

Total Spending: $178.64
50% Off: $27.67
Sales: $48.50
Repriced items: $51.43
PC Points: $0380

Year to Date:
Total Spending: $2147.77
50% Off: $354.41
Sales: $517.25
Repriced items: $700.74
PC Points: $72.50