Post #34 – Oops I Did It Again! – 90.3% in savings!

Pharmacy: $96.91 bill, $905.82 in savings, 1761 Optimum Points


Special Post – Semi-professional shopping!

So my last post generated a lot of interest. I had several people ask “Where are you getting Greens’ powder so cheap?”…Since it is easier to pick it up for people than to send them all to my source, I went for them!

In walking around S and I also saw that baby food had $0.50 off stickers on them. So I checked the expiry date: May 28th…2016!!!! So I bought them all, to give to charity.

Also, S decided she wanted some candy. Last night I bailed on buying fruit candies for $0.25 marked down from $1.39…Who likes those? Oh yeah, 4 year olds do! So S got a treat too…

$0.25 for $1.39 of candy for SP – BOOM – SAVINGS!

$8.49 for $13.99 of baby food for charity BOOM – SAVINGS!

$88.17 for $987.35 worth of Greens product for friends! BOOOOOOOOOM – SAVINGS!

For those concerned for yesterday’s post…don’t worry I did manage to find ribs thanks to SH and MB…about $100 worth of ribs for $50 for a street BBQ …but that is for another post!



Grocery: $115.60 bill, $42.46 in savings, $19.60 in PC Points: 34.9% in savings
Pharmacy: $115.00 bill, $733.26 in savings, 7020 Optimum Points, 86.4% in savings!

So, tonight I was on a mission to buy 28 pounds of ribs. It was going to be amazing. I was going to buy them for $2.50/lb and I was going to get 35% back in PC points…Unfortunately, after checking 3 Your Independent Grocers, it became clear I had looked at the wrong flyer online. This being said, I still needed to cash in on 35% off of pork, veal and lamb before the night was done…

So, I head home, put the kids to bed, and head out shopping AGAIN. I had to drop off a bike I was giving away for free (ironically as part of Buy Nothing Ottawa). So I ended up by the Shoppers in Beacon Hill. My shopping list was 3 things: meat, pretzels and kids toothpaste.

I find the toothpaste no problem, but then I go check the clearance stuff…A bunch of electric toothbrushes. A LOT of electric toothbrushes. They have some I recognize as being $9.99 marked down to $1, then I spot some One Direction and Selena Gomez toothbrushes, $12.99 marked down to $1. I double check under the self check and they are only marked down to $6.50. So I need to put them back, but where? I see a clerk, he tells me to put them in the clearance thing again…I say to myself “screw it, I’ll take them to the front and see what they say”. They scan them, $1. These toothbrushes are pretty cool, they play music for 2 minutes so kids will brush to 2 minutes, cool concept. I figure this isn’t something that most kids using a food bank would get, so, I BOUGHT ALL OF THEM! 16 musical toothbrushes and 3 electic ones. $237.81 worth of toothbrushes for $19! BOOM – SAVINGS!

Now, I know you are telling yourselves “No one pays $12.99 for a 1 Direction toothbrush”. Someone does, but not enough…So I (the kids) win!!!

To get to my grocery store I have to go past my usual Shoppers. I figure “Hey why not? I already have stuff to give to charity, might has well buy some more”. They are usually killer stocked in clearance shampoo and food banks need that stuff…So I stop. FOR THE BEST SHOPPING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!!!!

I get to the back and instead of the usual stuff it is kids medicine, mouthwash, supplements and vitamins. I decide kids medicine, supplements and vitamins for me, mouthwash for the food bank. I pick up 12 bottles of mouthwash for $12…They usually go for $5.99 per bottle…$71.88 worth of mouthwash for $12!!! Next are the supplements, I never take the stuff, but savings intrigue me, so I had a look. Apparently these powders are ground up veggies that are good for you. Fine, as long as it isn’t bad for me, I’ll give it a try (going to check with my Nutritionally knowledgeable friends)…This stuff was normally $71.99 per bottle, but today they were on sale for $5. $359.95 for $25 BOOM – SAVINGS!!! The kids medicine was $10.99 marked down to $2. The vitamins were amazing too! I bought 10 bottles of Omega3… I hear this stuff is good for me, so why not. Each bottle was over $22, some as high as $29 and they were selling them for $2. Why 10 bottles? BECAUSE SOME OF THEM DON’T EXPIRE UNTIL 2017!!!! That is over 90% in savings!!!!




As I’m instructed to move to the cash because it is 9:55, one clerk says to the other “can you take this in the back, this stuff is recovered stolen or expired”. I notice there are Kicking Horse organic fair trade coffee beans in her hands with a $4 off sticker on it. So I go down the coffee lane…I find three bags, $17.99 with $8 off each (turns out there was 2 stickers per bag!)…It “expires” tomorrow. These are coffee beans in a vacuum bag…I take all three and proceed to the cash (after finding no discount milk, because hey, you have to check).

I get to the cash and it is the usual cashier (how many freaken hours does she work?)…She sees me and points to a bin…”All of that is $0.25 each” I give it a quick look like they would in Storage Wars and declare “I’ll take the whole thing”…What did I buy for $0.25 a unit? 23 Skor bars ($1.39 each, $26.22 in savings) 10 packs of Trident gum ($1.39 per pack, $14.40 in savings), 5 Lidnt chocolate bars ($4.39 each, $20.70 in savings) and 2 packs of Kurig coffee ($8.99 each, $17.48 in savings)…so just by her pointing out the bin I ended up buying a crap load of stuff to share with coworkers, paid $10 for $118.80 worth of stuff BOOM – SAVINGS!!!!!


So, as in a previous post, we get kind of negotiaty about the price of some of the clearance stuff. By this time the three cashiers are all at the front and I am the only person there. The head cashier (I think) says to charge me only $5 for the bags of coffee. So she rings it in as $5. After they do it, I warn them that they have given me $8 off per bag already. They show me on the screen that they had removed most of the $4 off coupons since they were charging me less. “MOST” the intentionally left some. I asked the head cashier if they had any more in the back (because I knew they did) so she was gracious enough to get it for me. So I should have paid $20-4=$16 for the coffee. They made two mistakes (that I didn’t catch, or I would have offered to let them correct it). One of the bags got rung through at $0.25 with the chocolate bars and they left 2 $4 off on the bill instead of 1. So I get $71.96 worth of Organic, fair trade coffee for $7.25 BOOM – SAVINGS!


When she was done we looked at the bill: $85.30 spent, $643.34 in savings. I’m on a high at this point…but still I had to continue on to the grocery store or I would lose my 35% in savings on meat…


IN WRITING THIS I JUST REALIZED I PICKED UP A BONUS 6000 Optimum points today for spending so much!!! LOLZ!!!!

The grocery store

I’m on a crazy high at this point…I walk in and find Ritz crackers on sale (I know, “Boo! How do you feed that poison to your kids?”…They eat about 4 crackers a week so don’t worry. I also see a Toblerone bar, because hey, I haven’t bought enough chocolate already…

I push forward past the 50% off stuff and see they have restocked the strawberries, which were on sale $6 for 2. So they are as fresh as they get and I have the pick of the litter, so I picked up 4.

Now, on to the meat, the whole reason I am there. It was nearly a total bust! I did buy two lamb leg roasts for $46.79 and got $10.95 in PC points back, so that is something…and I did get some beef 60% off (repriced and PC points combined!)…but still it was nothing like the 28 pounds of ribs I was trying to buy…Oh well…

Non-prescription pharmacy spending 2015: $838.52
Pharmacy savings 2015: $1941.22
Optimum Points: 30881

Total Spending: $115.60
50% Off: 10.75
Sales: $4.00
Repriced items: $27.71
PC Points: $19.60

Year to Date:
Total Spending: $3314.33
50% Off: $581.11
Sales: $800.30
Repriced items: $881.78
PC Points: $107.80

Post #32 – Trois-Rivieres with Stella B! – 27.7% in savings!

Grocery – $14.08 bill, $5.39 in savings


Coaching Stella B in Trois Rivieres this weekend. First order of business: buy food FIND SAVINGS!

S, R and D were nice enough to walk at super human paces in order to get through the doors just as it was closing…SO MUCH SAVINGS! The whole store was 30% off…Chocolates, Bhel Puri (some Indian snack), coleslaw, cheese, naan…so many snacks!

Maxi is a little cheap, since stuff only goes 30% off, but beggars can’t be choosers…

Total Spending: $14.08
50% Off: $5.39
Sales: $0
Repriced items: $0
PC Points: $0

Year to Date:
Total Spending: $3198.73
50% Off: $570.36
Sales: $796.30
Repriced items: $854.07
PC Points: $88.20

Post #31 – Super Backlog and Breaking Kosher! – 50.0% in Savings

Grocery – $572.81 bill, $375.05 in savings, $13.10 in PC Points (41.0% in savings)

Pharmacy – $150.14 bill, $321.46 in savings, 4231 Optimum Points

So sorry for this long overdue post! The receipts were piling up and I didn’t realize how far behind I was until I went to Toronto for TUF and got a lot of positive feedback on my blog.

If you can remember all the back to the last few posts, I was starting to eat kosher due to all the Passover sales after Passover. I completely destroyed the kosherness of my shopping when I found bacon on sale for $2 per pack. I bought 10 packs of bacon! BOOM! SAVINGS!

Sometimes the deals in the flyer seem too good to be true. Two examples come to mind over the past month. Red seedless grapes are on sale this week at Food Basics for $0.88/lbs (I bought 13 pounds! (some will end up at T’s school as part of their breakfast program)).  Another deal I jumped on was pork back ribs at Metro a few weeks back. They were selling them for $2/lbs and I had a deal for 20% in PC points, so it was like paying $1.60/lbs BOOM! – SAVINGS! It was S’s bday, so I treated the parents that stuck around, and then T’s family, to ribs!

I can’t stress how enjoyable I find shopping at pharmacies now. The other week S had a doctor’s appointment. We were a bit early, so we stopped in at a pharmacy close to the doctor’s office. We did the usual complete walk around, not finding much. Then I saw it, tucked up beside one of the cash registers, chocolate bars marked down from $1.29 to $0.50 and gum marked down from $2.29 to $0.50. I grabbed 18 chocolate bars and 13 packs of gum! Also, I managed to pick up 3,000 extra Optimum points in the process!

Now I’m sure you are asking yourself “Gavin, what can you possibly need with 13 pounds of grapes, 18 chocolate bars and 13 packs of gum?”…The answer is I don’t need them, but I buy them and share them. That is part of the joy in this. Finding the savings and sharing it with my friends (and T’s school, and a food pantry that G works at).

S, G and I have started what seems to be a weekly tradition of stopping in at the pharmacy on Mondays to see what is on clearance. Usually it is something, be it $8.50 worth of environmentally friendly dishwasher tabs for $2, or $5.49 worth of band-aids for $1, or $12.99 Disney sunglasses for $2…There is always something. Every Monday it is the same cashier, and the interaction is more conversational than cashier-customer since it is not usually very busy after work, and S is there, which always helps. The cashier seems to have more power than most cashiers though. She is always very thankful that we are helping to clear out the clearance stuff they are trying to get rid of.

This week they had some Kuerig Starbucks coffee at the front with $4 off stickers on them. I asked how much they were, and she said $11.99. She said for me though she was willing to give them to me for $8 off instead, so I got the two packs for $3.99. BOOM! – SAVINGS!

It seems that every pharmacy is always trying to get rid of SOMETHING. Last week I stopped in and bought $11.99 duo packs of toothbrushes for $2 and a couple of kids electric toothbrushes originally priced for $9.99 for $2.

You just need to keep looking and keep grinding to find the best deals!!!!

Non-prescription pharmacy spending 2015: $722.92
Pharmacy savings 2015: $1207.96
Optimum Points: 23861

Total Spending: $572.81
50% Off: $116.25
Sales: $201.87
Repriced items: $56.93
PC Points: $13.10

Year to Date:
Total Spending: $3184.65
50% Off: $564.97
Sales: $796.30
Repriced items: $854.07
PC Points: $88.20