Post #39 – Read On and Let Me Teach You The Way – 101.2% in Savings!

Total Bill: $137.68 Total Savings: $112.18 Total Points: $27.14 – 101.2% in Savings.

How the heck can you save more than 100%? Easy, get them to pay you to take the stuff out of their store!

There are two different ways that I consider them paying you to take something out of their store:

1) Straight up – Today, I bought muscle cold therapy patches for $-0.81, Boom – Savings! They had $8 off of stickers on it and it only cost $7.19. That is probably because It was originally something like $9.99 and they were trying to sell it for $1.99. I killer fluked into this deal. A guy we were chatting with about how to save money at Shoppers Drug Mart, in Shoppers Drug Mart, walked up and gave me a box when he found them. This doesn’t normally happen to me, but it can be something I expect when I am with SH and JV.

2) Points Worth More than the Price – With bonus points promotions you sometimes get a bill where the total points is more than the price. Here is how this one works. Today I had a buy $50 get 12,000 points. I consider 12,000 points to be $25.20, because that is what they are worth on bonus cash in day. The interesting thing is that the $50 is before they deduct the stickers on the items. So, today my original subtotal was $$94.89, but I had $75 in stickers reducing the prices, so my subtotal was $19.89, but I still qualified for the bonus points. In total, I got 12,940 points, which I count as $27.17.

After tax, my bill was $25.50, but I got $27.17 in points. So, they paid me $1.67 to take the following out of their store:

12 Lindt Chocolate bars (normally $4.79 each, but today $1 Boom – Savings!)

1 box of cookies

4 boxes of 10-Kuerig cups of Starbucks Caramel Coffee (normally $10.99, but today $0.99 BOOM – SAVINGS!)

4 liters of Cranberry Juice

2 liters of Organic Lemonade

2 boxes of Organic Stone Wheat Crackers

1 pack muscle cold therapy patches

So you ask yourself, what do I do with all this stuff? I give the cookies to my students (but maybe this time to my kids, since they are going on a road trip) and I sell the chocolate bars and Kuerig stuff to my coworkers for my cost (excluding the points). My cost for the chocolate bars and coffee was $1 and $0.99. So, in time I will get another $16 back from the original $25.50 I spent! Boom – Savings!


Post #38 – Price Matching vs Opportunistic Shopping – 44.5% in savings.

Total Bill: $128.51 Total Savings: $92.33 Total Points: $5.80 – 44.5% in Savings

It has been WAY too long since I last posted…I have lost track of the spending on groceries and pharmacy. I have all the pharmacy receipts, so I will try to recover at least that…but the running totals are toast 😦 (for right now).

Today I have decided to write about why I don’t use price matching. Many people find it really beneficial, but it takes away from opportunistic shopping, which is taking advantage of clearance items at stores.

Today I went to:

Metro: grapes ($1.88/lb) and Gatorade ($3.99 for a six pack)

Giant Tiger: 4 packs of peppers ($2) and 3 packs of romaine lettuce ($2)

Loblaws: 20% in points for NN sour cream, beef, and NN refried beans

The advertised savings were approximately $31.14   (Metro $18.87, Giant Tiger $9.92 ,Loblaws $2.35)

Opportunistically what I got was:

Metro: T-bone 30% off, rib eye 30% off, lamb 30% off, sirloin 30% off, celery 60% off

Giant Tiger: Strawberries 66% off, onions 75% off, cucumber 75% off

Loblaws: Beef ribs 50% off (plus a bonus 20% for points), sundried tomatoes 57% off, Canada coffee mugs 62.5% off, roasting pans 60% off, macaroni salad 50% off

The savings from the opportunistic shopping was $61.19.

Opportunistic ribs marinating ($35.40 for $10.91!):


So most of my savings came from the discounts found within the stores, and not the advertised discounts. Also as a bonus I get to have BEEF RIBS for dinner tonight! Wasn’t originally on the menu!