Post #42 – All in the Name of Charity

This blog has slowly changed from a blog about me buying steaks at 90% off and cheese at 89% off (damn I miss those days Loblaws!) to one about how much I can grind out for charity.

My last post was about giving several hundred dollars worth of stuff to the Youville Centre, and this time I think they are getting more. I do have to credit SH and my sister, JT for chipping in for this haul.

A funny story about charity before I get into the numbers and BOOM! SAVINGS! of this post: I took my youngest daughter, SP, to drop off stuff at the Youville Centre once with me this summer. I told her we were giving stuff to charity, and when we got to the building, the Receptionist came out and helped us to move everything in the building. When we were finished Sammie asked me if the that was Charity who helped us. I told her, “No, the charity is the building”. “The charity is the building?” she replied…I told her “No, what they do in the building is charity”…by that point I had lost her though…

IMG_20150908_235406854[1](click to enlarge)

Let’s now go through the drool worthy math of the haul for the Youville Centre:

17 boxes of Alimentum ready to drink baby formula: Approximate retail value $229.33 paid $17 BOOM! SAVINGS!

48 jars of Heinz baby food: Approximate retail value $52.32, paid $15.84 BOOM! SAVINGS!

18 jars PC Organics baby food: Approximate retail value $18.00 paid $5.94 BOOM! SAVINGS!

3 tubes Heinz baby food: Approximate retail value $5.37 paid $0.99 BOOM! SAVINGS!

1 tub Similac infant formula: Approximate retail value $27.99 paid $12.99 BOOM! SAVINGS!

6 tubes PC puffs: Approximate retail value $13.74 paid $1.98 BOOM! SAVINGS!

9 boxes Natural Valley Nut & Seed Crisps: Approximate retail value $45.00 paid $0!!!  BOOM! SAVINGS!

The fancy granola bars came courtesy of Loblaws, but it wasn’t their intention. They gave SH a PC points deal where she got $3 in points for every box she bought, and they put them on sale for $3! Thank-you very much, Loblaws!

So, the approximate value of the donation is: $391.75

The total cost was: $54.74

Which looks like an 86% savings…But wait folks, there’s more!…(picture that in a infomercial type voice)…

I used a $10 voucher that I earned during the last post…and between SH and I we earned about $15 in points…so using my method of calculating we get to deduct the $15 from the total paid (because I attach points at the time of receiving them) and if you use the Ivesian method of calculating I get to claim $10 off the total paid (I only get to claim points when I use them.

So, either way the savings is either: 89.9% or 88.6%! BOOM! SAVINGS!