Post #47 – 35 Boxes of Lindor and $0.29 Chocolate Milk! – 83% in Savings

I had lots of plan for Shoppers this weekend; it was a bonus redeem weekend, so $200 for only 95,000 points (or $100 for 50,000), there was also boxes of Lindor dark chocolate balls expiring November 30th and some places had Starbucks coffee expiring Dec 5th which needed to “harvested”…

In total this weekend I got $1,150.48 in product for $181.62 and 11,450 Optimum points (which is worth around $15). BOOM! – SAVINGS!

I went into my first Shoppers and figured there wouldn’t be much there. It was bonus redeem day, so I didn’t think they would have great sales…I was wrong, they did! I got a pair of $40 Sony earbuds for $8 BOOM! – SAVINGS! Also, I got a $35 card reader for $5.99! BOOM! – SAVINGS! … I should really save the “BOOM! – SAVINGS!” for what is coming up…

Minor Boom! – Savings! -> Starbuck’s has a promotion where if you buy 3 of their products from grocery stores or pharmacies you get a $10 gift card. Luckily I can find lots of Starbuck’s stuff at low prices ($12.99 bags of coffee? More like $2.99, $10.99 Starbuck’s ice coffee? Also, $2.99)…So buying 3 packs of stuff for $9 gets me the 3 packs of coffee and a $10 gift card! BOOM! – SAVINGS!


MAJOR BOOM! – SAVINGS! ->I somehow managed to catch Shopper’s Drug Mart with their pants down. I had been watching the boxes of Lindor dark chocolate at several of the stores I visit and they weren’t selling and their Best Before Date was fast approaching.

I don’t know why, but they usually catch stuff like this and put manager’s coupons on them (the stickers from every post I write, pay attention!) …For some reason this time they didn’t. I visited too many SDMs this weekend, but I did manage to find 3 locations with a total of 35 boxes. Not one location was aware they were expiring and not one location was not willing to give me a deal I couldn’t walk away from!

What worked out AMAZINGLY well for me was that two of the deals actually triggered bonus points (after LONG discussions on the phone with Customer Service Representatives: turns out no note was left on my file (see last post) and despite “Sir, this just looks wrong!” I got my points). In two places I dealt with a Supervisor, they seem lower in the chain of command than a Manager, because their deals aren’t as good. They sold them to me for $2.99 each instead of $10.99. The nice thing about these two transactions were that I got 10 boxes and 12 boxes, this put me over the $100 threshold before manager’s coupons so despite “only” paying $44 and $53 I got about $39 in points from each transaction. So 12 boxes of Lindor chocolates for about $19 instead of $273.11! BOOM! – SAVINGS!



The third store was even better. I talked to a Cashier and asked to speak to a Manager. I showed her the product and she said a Manager wasn’t in, but she would call the inventory guy in the back (he had a cool title, but I can’t remember what it is) , they have a lot of power, they can price things however they want. She explained to him over the phone that the 13 boxes of chocolates were expiring tomorrow and he said something back to her… Her reply “Oh really!?!” and told me I would be really happy. $1 per box? Yeah, I was happy! $14.69 instead of $161.44! BOOM! – SAVINGS!


What am I doing with 35 boxes of chocolates? Giving most of it away. I sold some boxes too, to people that are on my “Let me know when you score on Lindor” list. In all I bought 455 chocolate balls. I have eaten 2, and don’t think I will have anymore than that, 99.6% Calorie reduced! BOOM! 🙂

For those of you that worry that I haven’t posted about the charities in a while, don’t worry I did manage to find some stuff to sooth for teething and some stuff to help with flu symptoms (GET YOUR SHOTS, FRIENDS!)…They were all marked down to $1 from $11.99 and are good until 2018! BOOM! – SAVINGS! I got 14 in all, saving $153.86. I also got some ladies razors to donate, but not enough to write about.

I could go on and on, but I won’t. I think this enough for writing about one weekend. I bought 135 things at Shopper’s this weekend and only one thing wasn’t on sale…SP wanted to be bribed with Kinder Surprises for helping me out shopping…COMBO BREAKER! LOL …

I almost forgot to write about the $0.29 per litre chocolate milk! Shopper’s was clearing it yesterday because it was expiring today. What better for a Grey Cup party than gambling on whether the milk was sour or not! The reward was worth the risk. My nieces and nephews (and others) seem fine today… 🙂 Greek yogurt 4 packs for $0.99? Danone 6-pack yogurt drinks for $0.99? Starbucks ground coffee for $1.99? BOOM! – SAVINGS! Friggen Kinder Surprises… 😦


Until my next post, be happy and be safe…Good luck shopping!




Post #46 – Winning Can Get Tiring

I think I have finally figured out what happens when Shopper’s gives me more points than I am paying for stuff…Points are awarded by head office, and the stickers are a loss that the franchisee is willing to take to get rid of some product. Shoppers HQ must be getting their full amount for the product even though the franchisee is taking a big hit…Anyways, I will probably never figure it out, but at least I can take advantage of it…Like this:


(You’ll notice I actually saved an additional $37, because the manager’s coupons don’t go into the “You have saved” calculation…so $92.32 in product for $26.62…Boom! – Savings!)

For this purchase they gave me 16,260 points. I calculate this to be $33.60 in points. So, for giving them $26.62 of my money they have given me: 4 litres of milk, a snack size pouch of trail mix (with SMARTIES!), 70 Kuerig pods of iced coffee, and $33.60 in purchasing power the next time I use points. BOOM! – SAVINGS!

Invariably when I get this good a deal I have to call the Shoppers 1-800 number and get them to award me the points. Today’s deal was spend $60 get 16,000 bonus points. As you have noticed, and they always point out, I am nowhere near the necessary purchase to get the points. They say that until I say “But these are manager’s coupons, 2004 and 2025, could you please check?” then they put me on hold and (with the exception of once) they come back and say “Sorry for the mix up! Your points have been added!” – The one time, she said “I will add them this time, but it isn’t the way it works“, I tried to reason with her but she wouldn’t listen.

Today was slightly different. The Customer Service Representative was so shocked that I was right, that he put a note on my file for future CSRs to know exactly where to look in their manual to find that I am right. At least I assume that is what he meant by “I put a note on your file to help in the future“…He may have written “This guy is an a-hole, but give him what he wants it is easier…

Another win for me, and hopefully future phone calls to Shoppers will go a lot smoother!

Good luck with your own hunting…Let me know when you find good deals, I’d love to hear from you!

(Anyone need any Keurig Starbuck’s Iced Coffee?)

Post #45 – I have a date Oct 1, 2016!!!! – 86.2% in Savings!

Everyone is happy when Halloween was over, because, unlike Passover, when Halloween is over good stuff goes on sale! To be fair, I did enjoy most of the Kosher stuff I bought after Passover, but Kosher jam is the worst! 

Anyways, back to Halloween. Everyone who wants discount chocolate (including myself) goes out scrambling for it on November 1st, the problem is the stores know this and they only mark it down 50% … Shoppers did me a solid (does anyone still use this expression?) and also made it a “spend $75 get 18,500 Optimum points” weekend. I was there buying chocolate with someone else, and we were putting it all on my bill, so I went for it, I bought $55 worth of discount chocolate bars in order to get $38ish in points. After tax, and figuring in the points, I paid $0.03 per chocolate bar and scored 780 bars Boom! – Savings! That is only 65 bars per month until next Halloween. I’m sure my coworkers can help me out 🙂

Speaking of next Halloween, and the real purpose of my post is to talk about what happens if you hold out and wait for a while. It is nice when you don’t need things, because let’s face it, I need just about nothing of what I buy. It is very powerful: don’t want to give me the discount I want, I’m not going to buy it.

So today, I stop in to buy milk and kid’s shampoo. I notice the kids costumes are on sale for $5 from $19.99, $24.99 and $29.99. The price is getting to the price point I like, but isn’t quite there. I ask the cashier what is going to happen and she says the price will keep dropping until they sell (so I’m going to wait)…then I end up talking to the Manager about something unrelated (kid’s shampoo, if you really need to know)…I ask her what is going to happen to the costumes. She tells me they are packing them up tomorrow for the year. I tell her that is a lot of wasted space for them. It is too bad the costumes aren’t $4 each, because I might buy some. She told me she was willing to sell them to me for $3, so $3 it was!

I bought $412.26 worth of kids costumes for $54.24! Boom! – Savings! 

IMG_20151105_223700084[1](click to enlarge) – Best costume? Old school campy Batman.

Now I just have to hold onto them for 11 month before I can take them to the Youville Centre so their kids can have them for Halloween 2016. Youville – circle the date October 1st, 2016 on the calendar I’ll be stopping by for a visit! (but make sure to wait until February to buy the calendar at 90% off).

Post #44 – Moore’s Too? – 95% Savings!

Apparently Moore’s wants to get into the BOOM! – SAVINGS! spirit of things too…They sold me a $799.99 Italian made suit for $32.98  BOOM! – SAVINGS! (yes, it is my size, no it is not 2nd hand)…


Picked up a couple of nice shirts too! $89.99 for $4.99! Boom! – Savings!


This one was a combination of three things happening: Moore’s putting stuff on clearance, Moore’s giving me $100 in store credit for being an awesome customer and Moore’s marking clearance stuff down an additional 40% this week for Perfect Fit members this week!

BRO TIP: If you are Perfect Fit member you might have “dormant” store credit. Call them up. I found out I had $50 in credit that I had to call to have activated, I told a friend of mine, he called and had $150 worth of credit that was dormant.