Post #45 – I have a date Oct 1, 2016!!!! – 86.2% in Savings!

Everyone is happy when Halloween was over, because, unlike Passover, when Halloween is over good stuff goes on sale! To be fair, I did enjoy most of the Kosher stuff I bought after Passover, but Kosher jam is the worst! 

Anyways, back to Halloween. Everyone who wants discount chocolate (including myself) goes out scrambling for it on November 1st, the problem is the stores know this and they only mark it down 50% … Shoppers did me a solid (does anyone still use this expression?) and also made it a “spend $75 get 18,500 Optimum points” weekend. I was there buying chocolate with someone else, and we were putting it all on my bill, so I went for it, I bought $55 worth of discount chocolate bars in order to get $38ish in points. After tax, and figuring in the points, I paid $0.03 per chocolate bar and scored 780 bars Boom! – Savings! That is only 65 bars per month until next Halloween. I’m sure my coworkers can help me out 🙂

Speaking of next Halloween, and the real purpose of my post is to talk about what happens if you hold out and wait for a while. It is nice when you don’t need things, because let’s face it, I need just about nothing of what I buy. It is very powerful: don’t want to give me the discount I want, I’m not going to buy it.

So today, I stop in to buy milk and kid’s shampoo. I notice the kids costumes are on sale for $5 from $19.99, $24.99 and $29.99. The price is getting to the price point I like, but isn’t quite there. I ask the cashier what is going to happen and she says the price will keep dropping until they sell (so I’m going to wait)…then I end up talking to the Manager about something unrelated (kid’s shampoo, if you really need to know)…I ask her what is going to happen to the costumes. She tells me they are packing them up tomorrow for the year. I tell her that is a lot of wasted space for them. It is too bad the costumes aren’t $4 each, because I might buy some. She told me she was willing to sell them to me for $3, so $3 it was!

I bought $412.26 worth of kids costumes for $54.24! Boom! – Savings! 

IMG_20151105_223700084[1](click to enlarge) – Best costume? Old school campy Batman.

Now I just have to hold onto them for 11 month before I can take them to the Youville Centre so their kids can have them for Halloween 2016. Youville – circle the date October 1st, 2016 on the calendar I’ll be stopping by for a visit! (but make sure to wait until February to buy the calendar at 90% off).


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