Post #49 – Clearance and 50% off!?! Thanks Loblaws! – 65% in savings!

$46.45 bill, $46.54 in 50% off, $42.80 in sales

SH and I decided to go on a date to Shoppers Drug Mart tonight… a total bust for me, but SH got about $135 in crackers for $25 BOOM! – SAVINGS!

She was nice enough to take me to Loblaws, despite the fact she had already been there…It seemed like a boring normal night until I found this:


and this (and it turned out that the actual price was only $3.79! before the sticker, you have to pay $1.15 more for strawberry, I guess):


Which led to my purchase looking a bit like this:


The lady in front of me had all 50% off stuff, so I offered her some bacon (“real recognize real” as Lil Dicky would say). I originally had 9 packs, but she took one. She offered me $0.24 chocolate eggs in return…but I declined, I was also nice enough not to tell her how much better I can score chocolate for.



Post #48 -The Die is Cast -86.3% in savings!

I have entered a new relationship with Shopper’s Drug Mart. More on this later, but first the numbers.

Today I bought $130.28 worth of stuff for $17.83, I also got $2.44 in points, and someone will get a $10 gift card from Starbucks! …Kind of like getting $130.28 worth of stuff for $5.39 Boom! – Savings!

My Shoppers has figured out that the Kicking Horse coffee I have been watching because it expires at the end of December, is expiring…So they marked it down…Luckily not too far down, so I am still safe…I did notice that they missed some Keurig Starbucks, so I went in to negotiate that today…I got 4 boxes of Starbucks K-cups for $3.96!!! Boom! – Savings!

While I was there I poked around a little more…I found they had 2 litres of milk on for $0.99 (I keep telling myself not to buy discount milk!) … Chocolate powder for $0.49 a tinBoxes of crackers for $0.88 and Crunchie bars for $0.25! Boom! – Savings!




Now, while I was there someone called the store and asked when they were marking down down their Advent calendars. I told them this horrible, at least I had the manners to come in and negotiate with them. They then took my number and told me they would call me when they marked down their advent calendars. This was great, since each one has a $1 sticker, that will be super useful when I buy more Lindor in the future 🙂

A long while ago I mentioned in a post that they had offered this before, to take my number. I didn’t want to because part of the fun was the hunt…but they were pretty insistent this time, which was cool.

So now I sit by the phone and wait and wait 🙂