Post #50 – WHAT A WEEK! 84.5% in savings

$361 in products, $124.89 paid, $68.91 in points earned


(what a crappy photo!)

This has been an amazing week. Was interviewed on CBC radio, EV started a new facebook group to help raise money (Boom! Savings! Charity Shopping Club) and I found some more good deals…I REALLY REALLY need to do a post about how much I raised for CG and BM with their $150, but I will get to that this week.

People have started giving me a lot of money…Luckily I am feeling no pressure…My mother even asked me that “Doesn’t this add pressure to you?”…Yes, but it also motivates me to try and do better!

I’m currently in Brockville, so I decided to hit up the Brockville Shoppers Drug Mart. The fun thing about Shopper’s is they are all run slightly differently…This one had bizarre little price tags on them…

And there were some deals I just couldn’t figure out if I could take advantage of…

Overall it was a great haul…The cashier and the manager were super nice to me…The manager reduced some coffee from $10.99 to $3.50 for me…And ever better, the cashier paused my purchase and allowed me to go back and do more shopping…My total was $131 before tax (I had some stuff in the purchase that I didn’t include in the total for this post)…So she let me go find more stuff to buy to get $150 so I could get the bonus points twice.
In all, this is what I got for charity:

Item Quantity
Baby Formula 850g tins 3
Oreal Hair Spray 2
Baby Pacifiers (2 per) 2
Electronic Soap Dispencers 4
Baby Rice Cereal 1
Liquid formula 12 cans concentrate 1
Baby Corn Cereal 3
6 pack meal replacement formula for kids 1
First Aid Kits 4
Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash 550g 1
Disney Nail Polish 2
Baby Food 3

A supre