Post #52 – This one’s a doosie! 99.6% savings!!!

$350.41 in product, $52.08 paid, 17,100 points ($30.60) and a $20 Itunes gift card

Shoppe’s ran a promotion where you get a $20 gift card if you spend more than, I don’t know, $50 (I wasn’t interested because I don’t listen to Itunes).

Some people are going to hate the way I do the math here, but with many new readers I will refresh people on how I do it.

% paid = (Money out of pocket + $ value of points redeemed – $ value of points received – promotional material)/(value of items after tax)

So, in this case it is ($52.08 + 0 – 30.60 – 20.00)/($350.41) = $1.48/$350.41 = 0.4%

I sold the gift card for $20 in cash, thanks Pam!



What did I get for $1.48?


1 box of pancake mix ($4.99 no tax)

5 packs of 2 premium baby pacifier ($6.99 + tax)

2 medium tubs of dry formula ($38.99 no tax)

1 large can of dry formula ($31.99 no tax)

4 16-packs of liquid formula ($48.99 no tax)

I tried to get a rain cheque on “price freeze” price tag above, but they told me it was a form of clearance so I couldn’t…Which was sad 🙂

For those that don’t like my math, wait for a couple of posts…The one in two posts will knock your socks off…it is $93.39 in baby food for $1.80 out of pocket BOOM! SAVINGS!…Yes, less than a twoonie came out of my pocket…No points to factor in…But you have to wait two more posts for that one…Don’t worry, the next one isn’t boring it includes $850 worth of incontinence products!

Happy reading and happy shopping!




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