Post #58 – $7,044.45 Worth of Children’s Outerwear? Sure, why not! – 76.8% in Savings.

$7,044.45 in product, $1642.26 in cash

Amazing, simply amazing.


On Tuesday of last week I asked my friends, supporters and donors to kick in money for children’s winter outerwear. I told everyone I could get a 3.33 return on their money, for every $1 they gave me I could buy $3.33 in clothes. I also said I would try to negotiate with Loblaws (which is hard as heck, but not impossible).

PEOPLE STEPPED UP HUGE! Maybe the most impressive thing is that it took only 26 donors to get this to happen!

We collected just under $1,600. SH and I both bought some stuff earlier in the week to try and “prompt” PC Points to give us Joe Fresh bonuses on our PC Plus bonuses for the week.

The good news is SH’s card hit and we got 10% more stuff! She got $160 in PC points from the purchase of $1,600 so we went right back to the racks and bought more stuff!

27 snowsuits

53 coat/snow pant combo

51 coats

27 pairs of boots

16 hats

7 pairs of snow pants

5 early spring coats

Thanks to everyone! If you want to get involved check out:

Happy shopping and happy savings!

1234iscoat5issnowsuit678isblackcoat9istan11121314151617isblacksnowsuit18ispink18isthe2coats19is the spring jackets the lighter colour are the bigger ones20 is the coat 21 is the snowuit22 is the pink snow pants, 22 is the black, 23 aer the grey25 are the reindeer hats, 26 is the beaver hat, 27 is the blue hats, 28 is the orange pompom 29 is the aviator hat 30 is the striped hats, 31 is the adult toques32,33,34 left to right35,36,37 left to right38, 39, 40, 41, 42 left to right43


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