Post #63 – The Dawn of a New Era – 82.5% in Savings!

$341.79 in product, $67.37 in cash, $6 in coupons, 1,280 ($2.02) in points


At 82.5% today was not a good savings day. I personally score a lot of coffee, and before the charity aspect of this really took off I would be bragging about the coffee…But I’m going to stick to the stuff for charity. Today was a trial run for moving into couponing, both paper and virtual. I now understand why the people on extreme couponing take so long to prepare…Couponing is tough! This is going to be an adjustment!

Probably the biggest news of today is the fact that Loblaws is starting to offer to convert Optimum points to PC Points, which is amazing. Optimum points are incredibly easy to earn, but PC Points are much more flexible, comparable to cash. THIS IS A BOOM SAVINGS DREAM COME TRUE!  The reason this is so important is we can now perpetually take advantage of bonus point offers. Before today, we would amass a large number of Optimum points and would have to sub-optimally (no pun intended) cash them in. It was sub-optimal because you can’t earn points on cashed in points. So we wouldn’t be able to take advantage of “spend $50, get 12,000 points” or whatever…Now we can, because we can convert Optimum points to PC Points, go to Loblaws to buy Shoppers gift cards and repeat the process! AMAZING!

When I took a look at the stuff we bought today, I realized that the expansion of what we can do is really exciting. In the picture above we will be helping:

  1. Syrian Refugees ( ,
  2. Students who need the support of an Alternate school to complete high school (
  3. Teenage mothers who have the support of the Youville Centre (
  4. Tampon Tuesday (

Tomorrow night I am going to post a big Thank-you/summary of February, but for now know that I thank all the people who have supported or contributed this project.

Happy shopping, happy saving, happy giving.



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