Post #65 – Guest Post! – When the Student Becomes the Master – 94.6% in Savings!

$784.71 in product, $58.76 in cash, 10254.6 ($16.19) in pointsIMG_20160307_210746058[1].jpg

Everything in the picture above was $1 each! ONE DOLLAR! That includes the $30 Burt’s Bees and the $20+ Clearacil and the home ear infection kits…Everything was a major score…BOOM! SAVINGS! 

The Ivesian savings for this post is “only” 92.5%…Which is fitting because RI was the guest shopper.

To say he “knocked it out of the park” is an understatement. After getting his delivery and seeing the receipt I could picture him standing over my bloody corpse saying “This is how you play the game, son”.


Luckily we are both on the same side, the side of big savings for charity!

I could not believe the deals he found…they were amazing.


A great find RI, and thanks for being a part of BOOM! SAVINGS!

Happy shopping, happy saving, happy giving.


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