Post #66 -What is Self Worth Worth? – 93.3% in savings

$2955.13 in product, $201.79 in cash, 1780 ($2.81) in points


On Tuesday night I got to go to Tampon Tuesday. It was a real pleasure to be there, I got to meet an actual Couponer (I hate it when my total is above $0), met women from several different charities (including the woman from St Joe’s Women’s Drop-In that received the hair dye), but most importantly we (JC, HS, HS, and my mother) got to deliver about $2,000 in feminine hygiene product. We brought so much it didn’t even make it into the event, it went from one car to another.

The woman from St Joe’s was thrilled when she found out that we had donated the hair product. The women loved it. It is really rare for women’s shelters to get hair care products. I realized why, or at least part of why. If someone is going to buy $20 worth of stuff for charity, how many would think to buy $20 worth of hair dye, or shampoo? Just about no one, because everyone recognizes the need for more basic stuff. That being said, a little luxury goes a long way.

Since I’ve started doing this in earnest I don’t  look at stores the same way, especially when it comes to charity shopping. I used to stick to the basics: baby food, toothpaste, etc, etc…Now I see almost everything as a potential donation (except maybe perfume). A store is filled with things that people with money are willing to pay for. If people weren’t willing to pay for it, it wouldn’t be in the stores. Anything people are willing to pay for, someone without money would like it. Therefore everything in the store is a welcome donation.

Yesterday I went reconnaissance shopping for a project I have for CM for a school food drive. I found some cookies and crackers on sale and had to wait to buy them to make sure she was okay with it. While I was there I overheard some staff talking about how they were going to change a shelf. I didn’t hear any details, but I knew something was changing.

This is what changed:


Then this is how we changed it:


Nearly $3,000 worth of haircare product to charity!

We left some stuff on the shelf. We didn’t want to donate “Dumb Blonde” and there were a couple of things that were too specialized (we felt).

So amazing…Can’t wait to deliver it all!

Happy shopping, happy saving, happy giving.


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