Post #67 – $44,202.04 to Charity!

It has been exactly 70 days since the first “Post CBC interview” donation came in. Since then, we have averaged $631.46 a day donated to charity!

Who have we helped? 13 different organizations! The Youville Centre, Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard, Britannia Woods Food Pantry, St. Joe’s Women’s Centre, Harmony House, Daisy’s Drop In, The Snowsuit Fund, TamponTuesday, Norman Johnston Food Cupboard, The Tampon Project, Parkdale Food Centre, Capital Welcomes and a Catholic School Board elementary school.

It has been interesting to see this thing evolve. We’ve met a lot of great people, seen a lot of great work being done and experienced the generosity of strangers.

The question always seems to be “How do we move this thing forward?“… It is tricky. We obviously require contributions from people, so we have worked out arrangements with the charities we support to provide tax receipts to the people who give us money or Optimum points.

We have also become a lot more active on Twitter (@savings4charity) and Facebook (…this has caused this blog to become less active though…It seems easier to throw stuff up there instantly rather than post long stories here…I have so many stories that I should have posted!

We receive a lot of support from some of the Managers at Shopper’s Drug Mart. Some of them really get it and some don’t quite yet. We are willing to come in and buy stock they are about to throw out at a low price. It saves them from having to throw it out and also salvages them a bit of cash for what was about to be a total write-off. Some Managers still seem hesitant to deal with us, but it is disappearing. Now they often will bring out stock that they were about to bring out for clearance just to offer it to us first.

It really has been an amazing ride. As long as people keep providing us with money, we can continue to 8X, 9X and 10X the money, all going to local charitable causes…BOOM! SAVINGS!

Happy shopping, happy saving, happy giving.