Post #69 – Deal Stacking! – 94.8% in savings!

Shoppers Drug Mart – $77 worth of cereal, $38 paid, 19,500 in Optimum points received.


“Stacking” is when you can use one or more deals on the same product. I think by the truest definition it has to be two coupons, but in the end it doesn’t matter because this worked out to be a crazy good savings that will end up with all these boxes of cereal going to the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard.

Twice a week (maybe more?) Shopper’s Drug Mart send e-mails with new deals on your Optimum card. I got one of the sweetest you can get 12,000 points on $50 (which, if maximised, can be worth $21.46 or 43%)…but I also had a “get 15X the points on Kelloggs cereal. 15X the points is worth about 26.8%, so right away if I buy only Kelloggs products I’m getting 69.8% back in points.

The kicker that made this deal so amazing is that Nature’s Path cereal all had $3 off stickers on them. So, the $50 deal could happen at $38. I was getting bonus points on the $12 I didn’t even spend!

Looking back on the receipt, it seems like I got 15X the points on the Nature’s Path…So either it is owned by Kelloggs, or the computer messed up and gave me 15X on everything (which I have heard rumours of before).

“But wait, Gavin, you keep talking about $50, but you say the cereal is worth $77. What gives?” – Kellogg’s cereal was on sale this week! Most of the boxes were 50% off!

An amazing aligning of the stars for a massive percentage Boom! Savings!


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