Post #70 – Charitable Tax Donations

All donations made to Boom! Savings! get charitable tax receipts
(the only exception to this would be if you ask for your funds to be directed to a cause that isn’t a registered charity).

(Go to the bottom of the post to see how to give)

If the world were a perfect place, there would be no need for charity. If the world were slightly less perfect there would be no need for us to ask for your help in making Boom! Savings! a reality…

I’m writing this post as many people in Ottawa are trying to determine how much to give to the United Way campaign this fall. We don’t want to draw donors away from giving to the United Way, but at the same time, I think of the good that we do and realize that Boom! Savings! is worth it.

Let’s look at what happens when you donate money to the United Way and to us.

When you donate to the United Way they take 15% (source: the United Way). They then pass the money on to the charity and the charity uses 15% to 45% towards overhead (source: 2013 Huffington Post article). Best case scenario, your $1 is turning into about $0.75. This is not all horrible though, the overhead costs do go towards salaries of employees and promotion of the charities. I’m not arguing against charities using money in this way.

When you donate $1 to Boom! Savings! We convert it to from anywhere between $4 and $20. That’s right, donating $1 can turn into $20 worth of product directly into the hands of those who need it most. We take exactly $0 from the donations, in fact, everyone who volunteers for us is a donor too!

Some great examples over the past year:

Buying $2,955 worth of shampoos, conditioners and other skin, hair and body product for $200! (Read about it here!)

Buying $7,000 worth of children’s winter outerwear for $1,600! (Read about it here!)

Buying $94 worth of baby food for $1.80! (Read about it here!)

Buying $2,043 worth of hair product for about $150! (Read about it here!)

Buying $350 worth of baby food for $1.40! (Read about it here!)

Buying $412 worth of children’s Halloween costumes for $54! (Read about it here!)

Buying $406 worth of stuff for $-5! (Read about it here!)

Buying $77 worth of cereal for $4! (Read about it here!)

We’ve helped 17 local charities and causes so far! We’d love to help the causes close to your heart!

The Youville Centre
Youth Services Bureau
Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard
Britannia Woods Food Pantry
St. Joe’s Women’s Centre
Parkdale Food Centre
Harmony House
Centre 507
Daisy’s Drop In
The Snowsuit Fund
Tampon Tuesday
Norman Johnston Food Cupboard
The Tampon Project
Capital Welcomes
The Diane Morrison Hospice
Parents with Preemies Association
Schools with students needing assistance (any School Board, we don’t discriminate!)

How can you give? Most of our donations our done through e-mail transfers (boomsavingscharity (at) gmail (dot) com). If that doesn’t work for you we can take cash or cheques directly from you.

How do we issue receipts? We don’t! We provide our receipts from our purchases to the charities and the charities make the receipts out to you. You will receive receipt(s) from the charities that are supported by this cause!

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Follow us on Twitter at @Savings4Charity


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