Post #71 – Delivery Day is a Great Day!

Life is getting busy, and the opportunities to do deliveries has been reduced. What this does however is make every delivery day one that is full of excitement.
Wednesday, I was lucky enough to make two deliveries, present at a high school, meet with a new organization (well, new to us) and do some shopping!
It was interesting presenting to Norman Johnston Secondary Alternative Program (a school for students who have dropped out of school, but are returning to
finish their diploma) and meeting with Cynthia, the CEO of Voice Found, an organization who provide inclusive support services for people trying to exit the
sex trade in Eastern Ontario. They also help people who have been victims of commercial sexual exploitation.
The more I present, the more I refine my presentation about saving money. What used to be a presentation only about how to save money (which is important!)
has morphed (depending on the audience) into a presentation about self-empowerment when it comes to dealing with businesses.
*Spoiler Alert!* I love to shop! *end of Spoiler Alert* That being said, there are still situations where I hate shopping, for example shopping for a car. Why? I figured it out yesterday, on top of the crazy sales tactics used by Salespeople, there is also the problem that if I am shopping for a car I usually need a car.
I preach, to those who will listen, to stock up on supplies (toilet paper, toothpaste, paper towels) so that you are never in a position of needing to buy them, but can take advantage of deals that pop up. I realized, only yesterday, that this is problem with shopping for a car. So from now on I am going to stockpile cars too (just kidding). It does make me realize that when we are going to be looking for another car that it would be best to start WAY before I know it will be the end of the life for the car we are replacing.
So much power, in dealing with business, comes from not needing what they are selling. Think of the epi-pen debacle in the States (Read about it here). Shopping when you don’t
need something is super empowering: like what is being offered? buy it; don’t? Walk away!
Back to Delivery Day…
Feeling good from having dropped off tons of stuff to The Youville Centre, presenting at Norman Johnston and meeting with Voice Found I decided to try my luck shopping…Managed to find this gem:
On top of it, I got points back on the full $1.09! So it truly ended up costing me less than $0.00! Boom! Savings!
I also saw a bunch of posts (and people contacted me) about Superstore in Orleans selling crayons and coloured pencils for $0.44.
I had to work in the evening yesterday so I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to get any. Flukily (luckily?) a friend contacted me in the late evening to tell me there was still a lot left, so I went out and bought 99 packs at 91% off! Boom! Savings!
I had meant to buy 100 packs, but I miscounted. I also debated buying more there are soooo many programs that could use coloured pencils. I have a hard time getting my head around people that see great deals and don’t think to help those who are less fortunate. For $0.44 people could bring a smile to a child’s (and maybe an adult’s) face. I hope that people reading this blog already think this way, but if not, maybe consider starting 🙂
When presenting to Norman Johnston, I gave each student a chocolate bar. The chocolate bars cost me $0.125 each. Full sized Mr Big bars (Boom! Savings!)...I told them, for the $2.00 I bought all 16 of them chocolate bars and I asked them if I had brought them happiness in excess of $0.125. Most said “yes”, but after a short pause one of them blurted out “I get it! For a little bit of money, you’ve made a lot of people happy”. Since sharing brings happiness, I was also happy, well in excess of my $2. (Also, it keeps the kids off their phones, and keeps them from chatting with each other, and they are curious about how I got chocolate bars that cheap)…
Giving is a great feeling, and if you can learn to do it inexpensively, you can do a lot of it for very little!

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