Post #73 – A Clean Stack – 91% Savings!

$389.29 in product, $153.48 – $34.50 coupons – $84.14 in Optimum points  = Boom! Savings! (or $34.84)

Hopefully a lot of you read post #72 about how we didn’t take advantage of a mistake even though it could have resulted in HUGE savings…Today’s post about stacking promotions and coupons. I named it “A Clean Stack” since the sale was intentional (not a staff error) and it is on body wash and shampoo (so a double meaning) and “stacking” is using multiple promotions on one another…

I don’t want to preach too much. But just think of the difference 42 bottles of body wash and shampoo are going to make to people who are having difficulties making ends meet. Acquiring stuff like this for free, liberates money to buy more essential things, like food.


Let’s see how we did it:

First, the product 

6 packs of Heinz baby food ($1.79) – each had “$1 off” sticker

4 packs of PC Organic baby food ($1.79) – each was $1.69 and had “$1 off” sticker

18 bottle of Dove body wash ($8.29) – on sale for $2.99

18 bottles of Dove men’s body wash ($7.99) – on sale for $2.99

4 bottle L’Oreal shampoo ($7.49) – on sale for $3.44

How did we do it?

First we did it in 2 purchases, one using a “buy $40 get 8,000 points” the other was “buy $100 get 18,500 points”.

Next, the Dove body wash had “buy 2 bottles get 1,000 points”

The Dove men’s body wash had “buy 3 bottles get 1,500 points”

We had 9 coupons for $1.50 if you bought two different types of Dove product

We had 4 coupons for $1.50 off L’Oreal shampoo


This savings means that we received 11 to 1, we got 11 bottles for the price of 1! Boom! Savings!

Imagine if someone said “Would you like to donate $383 to buy 42 bottles of body wash and shampoo?” You would probably think they are nuts…but now think about doing the same thing for only $34.84. You’d probably jump at the chance to help out.

You can do this! Help support Boom! Savings! Send us a message on the “contact us” to find out how to contribute!

Happy shopping, happy saving, happy giving!


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