Post #74 -A Sitting Target – 98.62% in Savings!

$104.35 in product, $33.59 spent, $32.15 in points back.

$1.44/$104.35 = 98.62% off! or 72 for the price of 1! BOOM! SAVINGS!

If you’ve read my previous post you’ll know there is something I call a “clean stack” in effect this week at Shoppers: Bonus points from card, points for buying a certain number of a certain product, the product being on sale and a coupon being available (in fact, hanging in front of it).

A clean stack is a sitting target: It isn’t like something on clearance where you need to buy it as soon as you see it…You can be patient, plan, and figure out exactly the best way to maximize your savings.

Below I explain how I bought all of this:


First off, I knew I had all the time in the world to shop tonight.

I knew I had a “Buy $45 get 7,000 points” on my card.

I knew there was a coupon for $1.50 when you buy 2 Dove products.

I knew one of the gel wash gave me 500 points per bottle when you bought in pairs.

I knew one of the men’s gel washes gave me 500 points when you bought in groups of 3.

I knew I could find coupons for Pantene Online.

I knew Patene was giving 2,000 points per bottle when you bought them in pairs.

I knew one of the online coupon apps was giving $1 for each different kind of Dove product you bought and $1 for each Pantene product.

What I didn’t know is they would not have enough of the gel you need to buy in pairs.

So, lets break it down:

The original price, including tax was $104.38

Take $10 off for coupons we get $94.38

Take $6 off for online coupon app we get $88.38

Take $3.38 off for “product voucher” (neither myself, nor the cashier knew what this was) now we are at $85

Take $1 Managers coupon off $84.

Take $48.50 off because everything is one sale $33.50

Somewhere we are off by $0.09 so back up to $33.59

Take off $32.14 because we got 10,500 bonus points for the product we bought and 7,000 in bonus points for the deal on my card and 470 for the base points. This gets us down to $1.45.

The final for all of this is $1.45! BOOM! SAVINGS!


Given how good the deals are, this is how much we have bought since Monday đŸ™‚


Happy shopping, happy savings, happy giving!


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