Post #56 – The Greatest Ivesian Score of All Time (I think) – 98.1% in Savings!

$93.39 in product, $1.80 in cash, 0 points.

I don’t like posting shopping out of order…I almost forgot this impressive trip!

“0 points?, $1.80?, – What is going on?”

“What the heck is ‘Ivesian’ savings calculations?”
Good questions my friends. Let’s start with Ivesian calculations…

I calculate any points I receive for purchasing stuff as being immediately redeemed. So, if I buy $50 worth of stuff for $30, but get $20 in points, I will say I paid $10, since I retain $20 of my purchasing power for a later date. So I saved 80%.

A friend of mine, RI, doesn’t like this calculation, since you are force to return to the store. He likes me to include it in the amount of good received. So in the case above, I bought $50 worth of stuff, and got the equivalent of a $20 gift card, so $70 worth of stuff for $30. Only a 56% savings.
This is all in good fun of course because irrespective of how it is calculated it is BOOM! SAVINGS! 🙂

The only time mine and the Ivesian estimator of savings (damn that is a nerdy expression) line up is when there are no points involved. Like the MONSTER HAUL from last Thursday…

You’ll remember I had a post where I had bought $800 of incontinence stuff for $200 (OH CRAP! I AM 2 POSTS BEHIND!)…Darn, well, last Wednesday I went shopping and they mispriced something, so I had to go back to get it adjusted. Not only did they give it to me for free instead of for the $5 (Boom! Savings!) it gave me a reason to shop more…

The manager was the same guy as the day before. I told him I was going to go look for more deals. He said there was non to have, I had gotten them all the previous day…THERE WERE SAVINGS TO BE HAD!!!!


The baby food was super clearout prices. I didn’t have any bonus point coupons, but I still liked the prices 66% to 80% off. I loaded up my basket and went to the cashier.

When I got there, there was a woman behind me buying one thing. I insisted she go first. The cashier told her she was lucky because it was Seniors Day and she qualified for 20% off. We both looked at each other and my full basket. I asked if she was willing to “buy” my stuff for me. I told her it was for charity, and she didn’t have to handle the money, just stand there and be over 55 years old.

The cashiers were having a difficult time processing my order (I never blame them, it is tough!) and the woman started getting impatient. I asked the cashier if all she needed to do was scan her card, he said yes, and she was on her way.

So, let’s focus on the purchase now…Pre-sticker and pre-senior discount I was buying $93 worth of baby food for $75. Not bad, but nowhere near good. After the stickers, I was buying $93 worth of baby food for $15 BOOM! SAVINGS!

The total is sitting at $15 on the screen. The cashier hits “evaluate promotion” and like a gameshow the total starts dropping and dropping…The two of them and myself lean in…They are super excited, and I am super nervous. If this hits $0 or negative I was willing to bet they would call the manager and the manager would freak. I was thinking about throwing a chocolate bar on or something…Anyways, it stops at $1.81. $93 of baby food for $1.81 BOOM! SAVINGS! They cheer, I cheer and they start telling the other customers about my purchase for charity…Even I was in shock at this purchase.

When I tried to recreate prices at home (in my scaled down mock-up of an actual SDM…picture scenes from movies where bank robbers have built replicas of the bank)…I realized some of the items had been priced below $0 because of the stickers. If a cashier makes a mistake I will always correct them, so they don’t get in trouble…If they price something wrong on the shelf, that one is on them 🙂

Happy shopping and happy saving!


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